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Build a Good Relationship with Rejections and Failures with Natsune Oki - SG52

September 9, 2021

Natsune Oki is a public speaker, author of the book The Game Of Self Domination, and a business consultant for foreign businesses providing digital marketing, branding, PR, and project management services in both Japanese and English. 

After graduating from high school, Natsune went to America and studied business and economics. She also worked as a marketing associate at several small and medium-sized tech startups during her school days where she realized her mission in life to create media to inspire people to achieve their best selves which later became LifeUpEducationTV and her passion for startups and entrepreneurship.

Since then she has worked as a marketing consultant providing marketing, branding & PR advice for several companies of all sizes as well as producing her own clothing brand (BillionDollarBabyStory) and her media (Lifeupeducationtv). She now runs Foreign Connect Operations as a business consultant while she speaks as a public speaker and author.

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